Power of Attorney BookPower of Attorney

By Larry Levin

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Take control of your life, career, profession...Give yourself

You started out as a lawyer with the highest ideals. Do you remember? You were going to help the needy, fight injustice and be an inspiration to others. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to declare to the world that they will uphold the highest standards of professional conduct. So what do lawyers have? Without a clear commitment to guiding principles our profession has drifted into despair and disrepute.

Join the growing ranks of lawyers who have committed themselves to a higher order of service and fulfillment.

"A great book; Larry Levin has made another excellent contribution to society. When Larry is not focused on helping you build a business, he's giving you a map to improve the quality of your life. This book will make you think; it will move you on the right road to a bright future."

Bob Proctor, Author, You Were Born Rich